Marion Iris Willmann

Marion Iris Willmann, born 27 July, 1921 at St Monica’s Private Hospital, Beenleigh.

Lived at Rosemount Farm, Belivah and rode her pony to Bahrs Scrub and Wolfdene State Schools.   Her parents bought a milk run in Beenleigh (Reiser Road), they then moved to York Street. Marion has lived her married life in York Street, Charles Street and finally Tweedvale Street, where she lives independently today.

Marion has always been involved with many community organisations.

·         Worked with the Comfort Society in 1938 sending comfort packages to the troops.

·         Member of the Women’s Auxiliary RSL - 17 years.

·         Beenleigh Red Cross Branch member - 25 years.

·         Beenleigh Scouts/cub leader.

·         Tennis club - ladies daytime.

·         School tuck shops, both state school & high school.

·         Blue Nursing Committee.

·         Secretary for the Beenleigh pensioners - 5 years.

·         Beenleigh Senior Citizens member from 1998 and still actively involved today, mainly heading up the Trade Table.


·         Bookbinder and line proofing Beenleigh News. 1940’s.

·         Queensland Grandmother of the year 1972 raising money for “House with no Steps”.

·         Modelled for fashion boutique in Beenleigh raising money.

·         Worked for Metcalf’s Shoe Store

·         Collecting money door to door for many organisations.

All this while she was raising a family of 6 children, one of which was tragically taken from her.

Faye O'Toole

In 1988, Frances Schmidt spoke at our parish church, St Patrick’s in Beenleigh. She was looking for volunteers to work in the newly formed St Vincent de Paul call centre. I turned to my husband and said: “I could do that” and thirty years later I am still there.

It was not my first experience of volunteering. All my married life I have helped at schools attended by my five children and in the various parishes to which we belonged. When we lived in Melbourne during the 1960s, my husband who was an airline pilot helped the SVDP society in his spare time. In those days all the volunteers were men.

Many things have changed since then. Fortunately, we have a team of willing, committed members so that we can continue to help those in need.

Working at the Beenleigh Conference Centre has been a twofold blessing for me. I enjoy assisting people and I’ve made many good friends through my work with SVDP.

Moya McKeon OAM

Moya McKeon is a most inspirational woman.  She was born in 1933 in Longreach in western Qld., where she was heavily involved in netball, roller dancing and learnt ballroom dancing. She also loved singing and was a member of the Melody Girls who appeared on 4LG the local radio station. She has been a resident of this area since 1953. She is a mother to three children and has always been a regular at St. Patrick’s where she is a reader at Mass and helps ready people for their first Communion.

Moya as well as being a woman of faith, has always helped out when it comes to her beloved community.

She was on the steering committee for the building of Senior Citizens Club and was also instrumental in starting the Netball Club in Beenleigh.

In 1973 she became a Charter Member/Secretary of Quota International of Beenleigh and through them has performed many charitable works, too many to mention.

One of her major contributions to the area, was initiating the Quota Eisteddfod in 1983 as a service to youth.

This Eisteddfod is currently (in 2019) attracting over 20,000 entries and runs for 28 days. Moya has been there helping run this eisteddfod every year since it’s inception.

She has been the recipient of many awards during her time as a Community worker.

Norma McGovern

During her many years as patron, Quota was a regular part of conversations around the McGovern kitchen table at 8 Bellew Street Beenleigh, especially as each year turned to the Eisteddfod “just up the road”. For over 50 years Norma, my Mum, was excited, humbled and proud to be part of many groups doing much good in her community. To her, Quota was special because of its focus on providing opportunities for the development of its members and community. On her behalf, congratulations and thank you!

Veronica Ghidella

Veronica Ghidella has taught at Trinity College and Loganlea High School. She is an active member of St Patrick’s Parish where she has been Coordinator of the Sacramental Programme and Chairman of the Parish Council. For 20 years she has volunteered at St Vincent De Paul. Veronica successfully lobbied the government to prevent the disposal of sewage on Moreton Bay and to maintain the Sugar Industry at Rocky Point. These inspiring acts show her generosity towards the Beenleigh community over many years. But the most important thing that she has ever done by far is being the most amazing grandma!